The Favourite child

Yes I do have a favourite child and yes I differentiate between my children and

I don’t feel guilty saying this …

When my daughter does her homework and eats her veggies without her tantrums she is my favourite child … when my son plays all by himself and shares toys with his sister he is my favourite child and when they both are throwing a tantrum and I keep my peace and not yell at them ( sorry for being human ) I am my favourite…. and when my husband takes kids to a mall and leaves me alone at home then he is my favourite person … so yes at times I hate dealing with these little thugs and yet times I squish them hard with love ….

I sometimes feel that I pamper my 3-year-old a lot, his extreme naughtiness brings a smile to me … I laugh at his goofiness but when my daughter tries to do the same I try to discipline her … I feel I am a little bit hard on her and expect much from a 6-year-old…

yes she is 6 and he is 3 and yes I laughed and pampered her more when she was 3 but then she doesn’t remember that … she doesn’t understand why her mother laughs at her brother and tries to discipline her when they both have done the same thing … this happens a lot in all households without parents realizing it and sometimes it creates sibling rivalry … I could see the disappointment in my daughter’s eyes when I do this but then I tried to explain to her that he is still a baby and needs time to understand things… now I and her laugh at him when he is being a baby …. she now knows that her mom loves her and understands her … I now make sure that she is not feeling insecure

I learned my lesson … we tend to ignore little things which if taken care make a huge difference .. parenting is a continuous learning process and kids have such huge hearts that they forgive and forget quickly… god, bless their memory loss … I wish we adults were more like that …

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