6 most important answers to your kids ENT problems

1. Kids eat a lot of sweets and some kids sneeze after eating sweets. Is it a serious problem?

Sneezing does not usually occur because of eating specific foods but if something blocks or irritates the nasal passage. So, eating sweets may not really cause child’s sneezing, but if it disturbs your child’s routine, you may consider visiting your physician, who’d be able to look at the issue and direct you to a Paediatric ENT specialist, if needed.

2. What kinds of strong scents to avoid for infants?

Any kind of strong scents that can irritate the child’s nasal passage should be avoided. Some of them include body sprays, perfumes, masalas and any other that can cause discomfort to them. Though, it does not cause any damage, it is recommended to avoid exposing child to these kind of smells.

3. Any specific precautions to take, if I have to take my infant to a movie theatre, with regards to loud noises?

Usually, audio systems in movie theatres are regulated to certain standards which does not impact or damage the human ear or cause hearing problems. Sometimes, we see kids sleeping very comfortably in theatres despite the loud noise, which means those noises are not causing any discomfort to the kid. But in case, if you are going to normal cinema halls where they do not follow the norms or guidelines, you should be cautious in terms of loud noises, as they might be beyond regulated/allowed decibels. In any case, it is recommended to carry cotton buds to cover kid’s ears, in case of discomfort.

4. Any measures to prevent my child’s allergic reactions to pollen & dust?

In general, these kind of reactions to be consulted by your Paediatrician as there is no specific way to prevent such allergies. Your doctor may prescribe anti allergens or usual saline drops to free your infant’s nasal passage from pollen/dust or any other irritants. But that entirely depends on the examination and recommendation of your doctor.

5. Any specific procedure to treat my child with common cold?

Most of the cases of common cold are mild and will usually settle without much medication. If baby has fever along with cold (running nose or blocked nose) please ask your Paediatrician for further evaluation and management. Simple nose block can be managed by nasal saline drops.

6. When should I treat it as an emergency for my child?

Consider it as an emergency if the child is experiencing symptoms like obstruction in breathing, bleeding or severe pains in throat or ears, nose as well. Along with this, if you find any blockages due to foreign bodies in nose, ears, throat, it requires immediate medical attention. Never ever attempt to treat those blockages at home, all by yourself, it may cause permanent damage.

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