The Favourite child

Yes I do have a favourite child and yes I differentiate between my children and

Mental Health During Puberty

Puberty is an important part of our lives. It is a natural phenomenon that is

In Sickness and Health

having 2 kids is challenging enough to imagine having them taking turns to fall sickan

Teenage Troubles – Acne

Acne Acne is one of the most common issues most teenagers have. While it’s common

Fed best

For the baby (even for baby 2) I wanted to exclusively breastfeed … breast is

Teenage Transition – Critical Thinking

When you bring a new life to the world, you dream of all that you

The Food Drama

Were you advised to eat raw garlic after your delivery? How about Jaggery? Ghee? Laddoos?


EARLY PREGNANCY Finding out you are pregnant is a challenging moment that comes with its

The 4th trimester

The 4th trimester Nothing trust me nothing prepares you for this... with the first child

Its Your Journey

Remember it is ur journey ... some are going to tell you that it’s the
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