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having 2 kids is challenging enough to imagine having them taking turns to fall sick
an amazing viral is going around town, apparently, this one causes a runny nose, fever, cough, headaches, nausea, diarrhea, malaria, chicken guinea dengue,

so all diseases from A-Z A being Anxiety for parents

we all traveled to other towns for a friend’s son’s birthday party, once we reached Kaira was complaining about severe pain in her knees and wrists…

we had an appointment for blow-dry and the little one was so excited to come along that I had no heart to say no, the whole time she was telling me that she is strong and can fight the pain, while coming out she had to drag herself and I asked her if she wants me to carry her…she again told me off saying she is strong

somehow the parties and people just boost energy into my daughter while I am allergic to people and parties she is always the belle of the ball …. any birthday party is like her birthday party …we had so much fun I thought all she had was travel fatigue

boy was I wrong ..sometime early morning her temperature rose and the puking started, she had continues fever of 104 for almost 12 hrs, once the thermometer read 106 and I almost fainted…
PANIC is a little word to describe my condition, I have to thank my friends who patiently calmed me down, we were about to admit her in the hospital but spoke to a pediatrician on phone and she asked me to keep her hydrated and sponge her continuously and wait patiently

Being a parent we cannot see our little one suffering we panic and feel helpless feel vulnerable, but all we need is to remain calm and relaxed with a good state of mind to take correct decisions and also the more the kids see our panic they too get panicked, it is very important to reassure them that they are strong and going to be fine

…. I can’t stress the importance of a good pediatrician for your kids…the one you can trust blindly, I am thankful for all the doctors who helped me out with my kids I am grateful I have found an amazing support system

I always took cold water sponging lightly but trust me it helps a lot to control fevers… only after I did sponging the fever went down…. my daughter recovered the next day but the fever drained me mentally physically and emotionally ….even before I could recover my son came down with cough and cold and here goes another roller-coaster

….this time I pulled my pants up and decided very strongly that I am not gonna drain myself with worry, panic, self-pity… the fevers/cold/coughs come and go …I need to be strong for my kids, we have very good pediatricians, just keeping them hydrated and well-fed is the priority….now little can I stop mosquitoes biting my kids or common cold and cough attacking them every corner …..

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