Good Days to Conceiving

The only goal now is to have sex (to make Babies)…. it is a serious business and you don’t get to fool
around and no monkey business…. people think it is pleasurable but let me tell you it isn’t … not the sex
but the pressure of conceiving … you start calculating your ovulation dates ( before I never knew they
existed) …. Good days to conceive … good positions to conceive … Chinese calendars … the list goes
Once the ovulation period is done the 2 week wait starts … damn u really have to wait for 2 weeks to
know the result … I was never this nervous even for my board exam results…. I started calculating my
due dates…. imagining how to break the news to my parents…. little did I know the disappointment of
the period…. it’s the cry of failure … the process starts again and the wait continuous….
I was so disappointed that all I could think about is getting pregnant meanwhile a very close friend of
mine confessed that she is expecting her second child … I was so happy for her but also so confused
because deep down I was a bit jealous and was guilty to be jealous …. so I did the right thing … I
confessed my story with her and told her I am a bit jealous ….sometimes when you went out your
frustration to others it actually helps you … she took it very positively and told me to relax and I would
eventually conceive when the time is right ….
I was sick the whole next month and we dint get to our baby business…. hey but we did make love and
this time it was for us….
My Aunt Flo is on time every month … like a clock … she never misses even by a day … this time I was so
confident that I won’t get pregnant I dint notice until a week that my period has not come
I was sure because except for a day or two we never made love and I was sick the whole month …. I
made my husband buy the pregnancy test … even the poor guy was so sure that I won’t pregnant and
bought it because I will be at peace once it is negative ( happened few times )…
He was so sure it would be negative that he gave me the tests and left for the office
I was so nervous to even pee on the stick … I waited and waited so that at least for few more minutes I
will be in fool’s paradise of being pregnant … but then I grew some balls and finally peed on the stick
We have to wait for few min before we can actually see those 2 lines which either make or break your
heart … I couldn’t be in the restroom even for those few seconds and came out to catch a breath
I went back and my heart just skipped a beat …. 2 freaking lines … it felt like the greatest achievement of
my life … like I passed a test …. I went to the prayer room (hard to believe but yes I am very spiritual )
and shared my news to my guru Sai baba … then called my hubby
He dint even reach his office yet and this drama unfolded
He thought I was joking or the test was somehow wrong (remember the time we made love only once
)so he got along another 2 tests along with him …. know what I passed the test with flying colours….
told him that I am ready to pee on as many sticks as he wants …. and off we went to our gynic ….

…she did some blood tests and gave me some pills and confirmed my pregnancy
It’s party Time Baby….. we are doing this … we r going to grow this baby …

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