Its Your Journey

Remember it is ur journey … some are going to tell you that it’s the most difficult time … for
some it’s a breeze …some make it glamorous….some like me are gonna tell you it made me feel
powerful … but in the end it’s ur unique story … so
Stop comparing ur bump story with others and just enjoy the ride
I started getting false contractions when I was in to my 38th week … Trust me I was not ready …
I thought I had at least another 2 weeks … my Doc  asked me to keep my hospital bag ready
because I may pop any time now …
Like she predicted the very Next day my water broke … we rushed to the hospital…. And now
starts the drama!!
I was not getting my contractions and I was happy roaming around
My Doc was not happy as I was losing the water (amniotic fluid) with no contractions so she
gave me medications to start contractions
This was extremely painful because the pains were not natural I would experience severe
contractions and then none
This pattern went on for almost 6 hrs
My parents and cousins started panicking … they were so worried that they asked the Doc to do
C-section … (I was losing amniotic fluid and no contractions) and it’s been almost 12–14 hrs
now since the water broke. My dad is a doctor still he panicked
Luckily my Doc dint panic … she was calm and asked me to remain calm
She even came to me and reassured me that I can have normal birth but asked me whether I
want to get C-section… I said I was ok with whatever she says … She was adamant … she dint
succumbed to the pressure of my parents…
I asked for an epidural … got one…. I was waiting for my contractions and all I wanted to do
lying on the hospital bed was run away I dint want to do this… I was so scared … I can still
remember the way I panicked looking at the instruments and asked(begged more like ) the Doc
not to use them … she smiled and promised me she won’t ,I had wonderful support from the
doctors ,, they held my hand all through the process (literally)and can never forget their

Finally the contractions started thanks to the epidural I couldn’t feel much pain… the little lady
took her time and arrived in style …. i was so relieved that the whole process was over and god

was I hungry….. And the first thing I craved for was KFC zinger…. and people around me realized
that my cravings for food are never gonna end ….
a note on epidural -never trust it ……for the second delivery I was confident that I won’t feel a
thing and boy was I wrong the epidural faded after 2 hrs. And I experienced the contractions
and then realized how painful it could be….
Every pregnancy and birthing is different
I was so scared the first time about the delivery … I was only worried about me but for the
second time I was feeling so bad about the baby inside… I know the process and had already
experienced it but the baby who was happy and cozy inside has to go through the process of its
surroundings contracting and pushing it out …how scared would the little one feel …. I kept
reassuring my tummy and rubbing it ….
For the first baby I was a women giving birth but for the second time I was a mom giving birth
which made a lot of difference.

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