Probable Third Wave in India – COVID-19

Probable COVID-19 third wave likely to peak in India by mid Feb, according to a preliminary analysis by IIT Madras

While the rapidly increasing trend of COVID-19 cases is foreshowing the probable third wave in India, there is an utmost need to prepare for the worst. However, experts predict that, even if this probable third wave happens, it might not be as dangerous as the second wave or delta wave.

These 2 reasons explain why?

  • Larger proportion of the population immune through vaccination or past infection
  • Omicron does not cause the severe lung inflammation and oxygen need seen with delta

In terms of infection, what are the steps an individual can take?

Precautionary Steps can be as follows:

  • Get vaccinated, get boosted when eligible
  • Mask up
  • Avoid crowds whenever possible

What to do, if infected:

  • Isolate, follow local guidance but at a minimum, stay home for 5 days or until 24 hours after fever has resolved – whichever is longer
  • Almost all infections in young/vaccinated individuals will resolve with NO specific treatment

Treatment Advisory:

  • Treatment advised only for the unvaccinated, those who have risk factors such as weakened immune systems, chronic diseases or are elderly.
  • Take the booster dose of vaccine if you have not taken till now. Mix and match/ heterologous vaccines are the present consensus.
  • Omicron is highly transmissible so you can’t escape it whether you already had COVID-19 in past or fully vaccinated.
  • Monoclonal antibodies currently available in India DO NOT work against omicron
  • Certain meds help prevent hospitalization in high risk patients if given early (within 5 days of symptoms)
  • It is recommended to go for 3 gene Multiplex RT-PCR instead of routine RT-PCR. If there’s an S gene drop out, antibody cocktail may not be effective. (There’s huge spurt of cases. Almost all are S gene drop outs suggesting omicron predominance.)

Consult your doctor for an effective & right medical help, in case you experience any mild to severe symptoms.

The only important recommendation for all those out there, from all the medical experts is “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE” & “GET VACCINATED”

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