Finding out you are pregnant is a challenging moment that comes with its share of emotions, joy, panic
and a state of confusion.
Pregnancy tests are most reliable from the 1st day of your missed period. A positive test is almost
certainly correct. If you miss your period and your pregnancy test is repeatedly negative see your doctor.
Always schedule an appointment with an obstetrician when you see a positive pregnancy test to rule
out any false positive results. The doctor would start you with folic acid supplements if it wasnẗ started
preconceptionally. This would significantly reduce the risk of neural tube defects in the baby.
An ultrasound may not be always necessary before 7-8 weeks pregnancy unless indicated.
Most of the women are bound to experience at least a few early pregnancy symptoms like nausea,
cramping pain, excessive hunger, frequent urination, aversions, fatigue, excessive sleep, mood swings
and soreness in the breasts.
Spotting and bleeding may be an issue with few women in early pregnancy. These symptoms are not to
be ignored and doctors consultation becomes mandatory to rule out early signs of miscarriage and
ectopic pregnancy which can cause life-threatening complications if left undetected.
Multiple small meals and adequate hydration ensures a healthy weight gain and prevents dehydration
related symptoms.

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